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The Hong Kong Jockry Club Charities Trust

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Established in 1884, the Hong Kong Jockey Club (the "Jockey Club") is a world-class horse racing organisation dedicated to building a better society.


The Club creates economic and social value and assists the government in combating illegal gambling through its unique integrated operating model that combines horse racing and racecourse entertainment, membership clubs, controlled sports betting and lotteries, as well as charitable and community contributions. The Jockey Club is the largest single taxpayer in Hong Kong and one of the major employers in Hong Kong. Its charitable trust fund ranks among the top ten charitable donors in the world.

Through its charitable trusts, the Jockey Club proactively understands the root causes of social problems, and works with governments, NGOs and community organizations to seek innovative solutions through cross-sectoral and multi-party collaboration. In addition to continuing to donate to various charitable projects, the Jockey Club Charities Trust also focuses on the promotion of four strategies: "Abundant Seniors and Elderly Services", "Children and Youth Development", "Healthy Communities", and "Nurturing Talents and Raising Industry Standards" category of work.


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